Willknots - Dont Wanna Grow Up chords

Chorus and Intro (Intro without words):
D A B G I Don't wanna grow up, Don't wanna Figure this out
D A B G I Know you set me up, Don't want this getting you down
I'll try to get the rest up later but this is all I know of it so far.from the movie 16 wishesrequested tab:e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--77--------------------77------------------------------------------|D|--77-77777--999--55555--77--77777--999--55555-----------------------|A|--55-77777--999--55555--55--77777--999--55555-----------------------|E|-----55555--777--33333------55555--777--33333-----------------------|
This isn't entirely accurate but it's very close and this will help you figure it out so have fun with it (also the chords to FTSK: what do you want from me)
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