Willow Smith - Whip My Hair chords version 4

chords by: L'unikabheybiiko.

G CI whip my hair back and forth x4
G CHop up out the bed and turn my swag on
G CPay no attention to them haters (because we whip em off)
G CAnd we ain't doing nothing wrong,
G C don't tell me nothing I'm just tryn'a have fun
DSo keep the party jumping
G CWhip my hair back n forth x 2
G CDon't let haters keep me off my grind
G CKeep my head up I know I'll be fine
G CKeep on fighting until I get there
G CWhen I'm down and I feel like giving up,
DI think again
G CWhip my hair back n forth x 4
G CAll my ladies if you feel me
G Cdo it, do it. whip your hair (whip your hair)
G CDon't matter if its long, short
G Cdo it, do it Whip your hair (whip your hair)
G C G Cooohhhhhhh. whip my hair. ohhhhhh. whip my hair.
G Cwhip my hair back n forth x4
Gyou got to whip your hair
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