Willy Deville - Assassin Of Love tab

Willy DeVille

Assassin of love

by Marko Borosic


                               0 				         0
       3    3    0    3           3    0        3              3    	     3    	0
       											X 2
    2      				    2	        2

G				   Em
She`s got a heart of stone that cares for nobody
C		    Em
lips as sweet as cherry wine
G			   Em
and you`re addicted so very quickly
C			    Em
you just have to look into her eyes


	   G			D	Em
She`s an assassin of love   x2
G      D      A
ooh  ooh  ohh    x2

you need her in your waking hours
you call her name all through the night
sorrow is your constant companion
an empty heart with nothing left to fight


what`s happened to you
do you remember a memory has gotten down ? ( not sure about this line )
look all around you you`ve been swallowed
too weak to fight as you`re drowned in
like a moth oh so truly
to a flame it closely flies
all the blossoms open slowly
and from the trees so quickly die



G:   	3	Em:	0	C:	0	D:	2	A:	0
	3		0		1		3		2
	4		0		0		2		2
	5		2		2		0		2
5		2		3		0		0
	3		0		3		0		0

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this is my first tab so please be merciful !!
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