Willy Mason - When The Leaves Have Fallen tab

Tabbed by: James Davies
Email: efilsgod@hotmail.com

Tuning: Shtandard , capo on 4th fret.

Ok this is a pretty simple song. I can only really give an outline of the tab because 
a lot of playing around with it and the guitar often gets swallowed up by the strings and 

There a 2 main parts and it's all based around a C chord, which is picked while the bass 
about as follows:

Part 1. (I haven't shown all the picking but it should be done around the notes shown in 
- the bass notes are the important ones do them with your thumb)

Part 2. (Clean my shirt and hide me from police)e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---3--2--0-----1---0--------------------------------------------------|D|------------3---------3--2--------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------3----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Part 2b. A variation that comes at the end of the second verse (Learn to sing the blues)e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|---3--2--0------------|D|------------3---------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
And that is it. You should easily be able to work out where each bit goes.
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