Willy Mason – Sophie tab

			     SOPHIE- Willy Mason

Tabbed by: ..benn

Chords used:

Dm C# C Bb A F Ee|---5-----4-----8-----6-----5-----3-----1-----0-----|B|---6-----6-----8-----6-----5-----3-----1-----0-----|G|---7-----6-----9-----7-----6-----4-----3-----2-----|D|---7-----6----10-----8-----8-----7-----5-----2-----|A|---5-----4----10-----8-----8-----7-----5-----1-----|E|---5-----4-----8-----6-----6-----5-----3-----0-----|
The strumming/picking for this song is pretty simple, at the beginning he plays just the note and then strums the rest of the chord. When the song speeds up he plays the second from bottom string in the chord then the top strings, and then the bottom string of the chord and the top four strings. For example when playing Dm:
PLease note that the same applies for when he switches to Bb in the fast part but after whilehe just strums the top four strings with rests in between. The strumming pattern for the bit in the fast paced section is D U D U and i think its easy to work out how he plays it at the end when it slows down. The E major at the end is played with a slide up (or maybe a hammer):
The words are a bit sketchy 'cus I got them off a websight but enjoi! Intro: Dm Dm Dm Hello Sophie, how are you? Dm Bb I hope that everything is going well for you today Dm I like to sleep because when I sleep Dm Bb I dream of places I would be if I weren't here right now Dm Like underground Dm Hearing the sounds that humans make Bb When they have things that they can not talk about Dm So they grow horny in little clubs With wine and cigarettes Bb Dm That serve to hide the dirty floors I think of carpet floors and strange smells Bb Welcome to the University You'd better watch your calories Dm The dry-erase board on your front door Bb C It shows the world your personality at the University C And if you're lucky maybe Bb Your room mate will be Sophie A A G F Dm She'll make you red rose tea with honey-ee
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