Willy Mason - Live It Up tab

Ok so I don't think this is super exact but this is how I play it and it sounds pretty close..
and it's basically just an alternation between bass and treble, the same thing for each chord
everytime, just maybe not necessarily in the same order I have presented here.

Verse Em C Ame]----00---00---||----00-----00--||----00-----00--[B]o---00---00--o||o---11-----11-o||o---11-----11-o[G]----00---00---||----00-----00--||----22-----22--[D]----22---22---||-------0h2-----||-------0h2-----[A]o-----0h2----o||o-3-----------o||o-0-----------o[E]--0-----------||---------------||---------------[
Verse Em The sun don't set in Gettysville C The place that I call home, Em A thousand people walk these streets C But we're still all alone, Am This city's isolation C B7 Like the drug that paves the roads. Em Take the subway uptown C To my mother's place. Em She's got a thousand friends C But all they know of her's, her face, Am All alone inside her head C B7 Her thoughts begin to race. Chorus C Live it up, Em Live it up they sa-ay C Live it up, Em No time to waste your life away.
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