Willy Mason – Simple Town chords

ok, this is my firts tab, so any error please let me know. everardo.duarte@gmail.com
Cm G It's a simple town; with a lonely sound
AbThere's demons in the trees
CmCome and rescue me
Cm GIt's a simple town; where the face becomes a veil
AbWhere the eyes become a jail;
CmFor the settlers minds to pale
CmIt's just a simple town
GWhere the secrets drown
AbBefore they get around
CmBut tonight they have been found
D# Bb7With the words come shatter out your mouth
Abm D#You made a thundercloud come and rain on me
Bb7Under a simple sky in a simple town
Abm D#You made a knife of sound, cut the air for me
CmCut the secrets free
(same thing on second verse and chorus) It's a simple town, just a simple town But that simple choked The life right out of me Cause simple things Aren't so simple anymore Death is easy to ignore When it's numbers on a screen And that simple town It likes a simple war; chooses red or blue The rest can be ignored While the secrets wait; on tortured lips Till they're moved to sing; with the passion of a kiss And there's the words... hope you enjoy. if you see any mistake just let me know.
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