Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Do You Wanna Go To Party Town chords

Left handed
E|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|-----2-----2------------|A|-----2--2--2------------|E|--0----------- <--|theres your Em...(in the intro the D chord would be played after this, before the b7)
E|-----2-----2--|B|-----0-----0--|G|-----2-----2--|D|-----1-----1--|A|--2--2-----2--|E|--------2-----| ... and the B7
Intro (use that bass line thing here): Em D B7
Em B7Well I'm afraid that the circles we've been drinking ourselves in
Em D B7aren't big enough for the vowels that we try to fit inside of them
Em B7When I was young I drank too much and I'd be lying if I said
I didn't feel so god damn young tonight
Em DMaybe too young
B7to ask what's on my mind
C Emlike if freedom means doing what you want well
B7 Emdon't we gotta want something?
CAnd wont you tell me that
G B7we want something more than just more beer
than just more beer! Em G Am B7 Em Am B7 x3 C B7 D Em
C EmAnd on the night that I play my last show
B7 EmI'll be screaming so hard that my heart explodes!
CAnd I'll be singing
G B7Yea I'll be singing we are free
Yea we are free!
C EmOh but wont you promise me
B7 Emthat we wont ever forget what that means
C GI know it's hard to give a shit sometimes
B7but promise me we'll always try
C EmCause I don't wanna hate you
B7 EmAnd I don't wanna hate me
C G B7And I don't wanna have to hate everything anymore
Outro: Em G Am B7 end on Em and that's how it goes, if you feel that something should be fixed please leave a comment to help
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