Wings - No Words tab

		No Words - Paul McCartney and Wings 
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Paul McCartney and Wings
No Words (1973)
(Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)
From: "Band on the Run"

INTRO A A7/G G6/B F#e|--------------0-|--------------0-|0---------------|----------------|B|------2---2-23--|------2---2-23--|------0---0-023-|2---------------|G|----2-----------|----0-----------|----0-----------|3-------------7-|D|--2-------------|--2-------------|--2-------------|4---------------|A|0---------------|----------------|(2)-------------|4---------------|E|----------------|3---------------|----------------|2---------------| (arpeggio git) (slide git)
Bm E A [A (VERSE)e|----------------|----------------|----------------|[----------------|B|7-7---7---------|7---------------|----------------|[----------------|G|--------------7-|-/9---7-----9-7-|7-6-------------|[2---------------|D|----------------|----------------|----------------|[2---------------|A|----------------|----------------|--------------0-|[0---------------|E|----------------|----------------|------------02-2|[----------------| (slide git) (riff)
CHORUS E C#(7) F#me|----------------|----------------|------10-9------|----------------|B|----------------|----9-10---10-9-|----9---------12|10-9-10---------|G|----9-11--11--9-|--9-------------|--10------------|-------11-------|D|--9-------------|9---------------|11--------------|----------------|A|11--------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| (riff)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO | A | A7/G | G6/B | F# | Bm | Bm E | A | (guitars: see above) A A7 You want to give your love away G6 F# And end up giving nothing Bm E Fdim A I'm not surprised that your black eyes are gazing. A A7 You say that love is everything G6 F# And what we need the most of Bm E Fdim A I wish you knew, that's just how true my love was. E C#(7) F#m [riff] (see above) B7/9 A E C#(7) F#m No words for my love [riff] A A7 Your burning love, sweet burning love G6 F# It's deep inside, Bm You mustn't hide, your burning Love E Fdim A Sweet burning love, your burning love. A A7 You want to turn your head away G6 F# And someone's thinking of you Bm E Fdim A I wish you'd see, it's only me, I love you. E C#(7) F#m [riff] (see above) B7/9 A E C#(7) F#m No words for my love [riff] CODA (repeat and fade) |: Bm | E :| [git solo]
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