Wings – Live And Let Die tab

Don't know whether this is in the archive or not, so sorry if I'm
duplicating anything. European Mirror seems to be on a go-slow(er)

             Live and Let Die.
             Recorded by Wings
             Words/music P. McCartney

             Transcription by Ric Kelly


G                Bm             C            D7
  When you were young, and your heart was an open book

G             Bm               C    
  You used to say live and let live 

                C/D              Cm               G
  (you know you did you know you did you know you did)

G              Bm           C                       A
  But if this ever changing world in which we're livin makes you 

  D               Bb                       G    C/G    Gdim  G7
  Give in and cry...... Say Live and Let Die

                  G    G/C
  Live and let die         

  Riff A


C9                         G7     
  What does it matter to ya, when you've got a job to do

  You gotta do it well

            Em                    F            
  You gotta give the other fellow hell

  Riff A

  (Instrumental first line of verse..)

G Bm C D7E------------------|-----------------------|B-0-----0-3-5slide7|slide5-3-1-0-1-0-------|G-0---0------------|-----------------0-2---|D-0-0--------------|---------------------0-|A------------------|-----------------------|E------------------|-----------------------|
You used to say live and let live.... (continue rest of verse) Riff A....
Riff A, finish on Ebm/Gb chord:--2--- --4-- --3-- --4-- --x-- --2--
Riff A: h=hammer-on p=pull-off
GmE||--------------------------------|------------------------------||B||--------------------------------|------------------------13----||G||-12-h14-h15---------------------|-12-h14-h15---------------15--|| Rpt.D||-------------12-h14-h15---------|------------12-h14-h15--------||A||------------------------15-h13--|------------------------------||E||--------------------------------|------------------------------||
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