Wintersleep - Sore chords

There are no tabs for this song anywhere!!
Personally I think it's Wintersleep's best song
And a pretty easy one to play

Tuning: Standard

Chords:   Am  Dm  F   D   C

**NOTE: When playing the chord F for this song, instead of using the
conventional F maj, leave the B and High E strings open to achieve
the same tone as is played in the song. Also, when playing the D chord 
in the bridge after the chorus, leave the High E string open.

Am Dm F You've been awake all morning
Am Dm F Wanting to tell me something
Am Dm F I know you are scared
Am Dm F You can tell me anything...
Chorus: Am Dm F (x2)
D CConsciously endure
D CEvery ache and sore
(Repeat Chorus):
Am Dm F (x4)You can tell me anything...
D CConsciously endure
<----- (x2)
D CEvery ache and sore
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