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Over The Edge (Props go to John Sixkiller)
Over The Edge, 1983

(1st part of verse)E------------------------------------------------------------------B--10-10-10--10/12-12-12--10-12-12-12--10-12-12-12--10-12-12-12-12-G--10-10-10--10/12-12-12--10-12-12-12--10-12-12-12--10-12-12-12-12-D--10-10-10--10/12-12-12--10-12-12-12--10-12-12-12--10-12-12-12-12-A------------------------------------------------------------------E------------------------------------------------------------------
E--------------------------------------------|B--7-7-7--7/9-9-9--7-9-9-9--7-9-9-9--7-9-9-9-| Play 1st partG--7-7-7--7/9-9-9--7-9-9-9--7-9-9-9--7-9-9-9-| of verse 3x.D--7-7-7--7/9-9-9--7-9-9-9--7-9-9-9--7-9-9-9-|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------|
Lyrics: G Bb It's not the truth I see F C It's just a mockery G Bb Don't need to waste my time F C You know I really tried G Bb You take and never give F C Make it so hard to live G Bb I'm hangin' on a ledge F C (Back to Intro Riff) Push me over the edge G Bb Don't do the things you do F C Don't have to oblige you G Bb Mistrusting on my own F C Grown tired of your drone G Bb Grow up and be a man F C Drop dead right where you stand G Bb I'm hangin on a ledge F C (Back to Intro Riff) Push me over the edge
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