Withered Hand - New Dawn chords

Bb   Eb  (x4)

Bb EbYou must be joking I deny
BbTears are falling from my eyes
Eb BbI'm oversensitive, hyper-sensitized
Cm EbAnd it makes it me feel like I am alive
Bb Eb And there's nothing to this life I don't need lies on my push-pipe My light comes from inside And it makes it me fell like I'm alive (skip Eb)
Cm EbAnd the winter turns to springtime
Bb CmLike the springtime turns to summer
Eb F We'll discover how we lost another year
Bb Eb Instrumental verse I saw you at the embassy We're both crippled socially No worlds collide when we converse We're singing love is a disease, love is a curse And we wrote Pavement on our shoes We stole our barrow(?) and we paid our dues We paid our respects, we wrote "Confusion is sex" And on your shoulderbag I wrote the Silver Jews And the ice turned into water And the water turned into gasses Steamy glasses on a frosty afternoon And her lips were warm, her hands were cold I never thought I'd feel this old Isn't grey hair just the light of a new dawn? Instrumental verse
Bb /I saw you at the embassy
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