Within Temptation - Pale chords version 2

Originally there's no guitar in this song, but you can play it in arpeggios like in the 
Night At The Theater version.
These are the most accurate chords I could come up with.
You might want to use a capo if you can't reach the high notes with your voice (I know I 
Hope this is useful :)

DmThe world seems not the same,
Am FThough I know nothing has changed.
DmIt's all my state of mind,
Am FI can't leave it all behind.
Dm Am EI have to stand up to be stronger.
AmI have to try to break free
FFrom the thoughts in my mind.
Use the time that I have,
Dm GI can't say goodbye,
FHave to make it right.
AmHave to find, cause I know
Fin the end it's worthwhile,
Dm GThat the pain that I feel slowly fades away.
FIt will be alright.
I know, should realise Time is precious, it is worthwhile. Despite how I feel inside, Have to trust it will be alright. Have to stand up to be stronger. Reprat chorus Dm, Am
Em GOh, this night is too long.
D BI have no strength to go on.
Em A BNo more pain, I'm floating away.
Em GThrough the mist I see the face
D BOf an angel,who calls my name.
Em A GI remember you're the reason I have to stay.
Reprat chours
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