Within Temptation - Stairway To The Skies chords

I haven't searched for many details. I'm lazy!! XD Only basic chords. Play it as you want! :)

Em  C  Em  C  D

Em CSeven seconds till the rise
EmCanít believe Iím still alive
C DAnd Heaven was waiting for me
Em CI thought this would be the end
DBut I know youíll understand
BAll that is keeping me here
Am CI dream of a stairway to the skies
D Dm E7My angel is coming down from Heaven to take me
Am CI reach out but then you fade away
DWhenever you call for me
Dm E7 AmKnow that Iím only one step behind
Me senses tell me I have changed But one thing still remains Iím torn and the hateís still aching I slowly start to realize We wonít reunite I still have to march on trough [Chorus]
E7It is a curse
COr a virtue
E7Have I been blinded
AmBy regret
FPerdition awaits
DmMy souls is at stake
CWil I find a stairway
G AmTo the skies in the end
Am C D Dm E7 [Chorus] Am C D Dm E7
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