Without A Face - Poison Apples tab

Great song, great band :)
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INTRODo this sequence twice|-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------||-----2------3-----2----------2-------3-----2-----||--3-----3-3----3-----3----0-----0-0-----0-----0--|
then,|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------------0--------------------||------------------------------------------------0------------------------------------------||-----2--------3-----2----------2-------3-----2--------2--------3----2------2------3---2----||--3-----3-3------3-----3----0-----0-0-----0--------3-----3-3-----3-------0----0-0---0---0--| She prefers the company of poison apples..
Then continue on through the verses like that. CHORUS I think you just strum the first four strings of each chord G A em (2nd string of em slides up to the 10th then 9th fret, I think) All the treasure in the world adds up G A em (you repeat these chords and the slide through the chorus) Adds up to one lonely little town Each kingdom is poor as the next when joy in nowhere to be found. (Epic harmonica solo thing) during this play G, A, em, slide 4 times then back to the picking in the verse So it goes Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus harmonica solo then you play the chorus to this verse: She prefers the company of poison apples He prefers the company of nothing at all She prefers the company of poison apples He prefers the company of nothing at all End of G, hold. If you listen to the song you'll figure out the timing and all. Sorry for my bad tab, I'm pretty new to this. Lemme know if anything is wrong. Anyways, enjoy!
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