Wiz Khalifa - When Im Gone tab version 1

Hey guys ;)
it's my first tab on ultimate-guitar.com, so pls have a bit consideration.
it's probably not the best but the most of it sounds like the original song.
have fun ;)!

Capo 2nd Fret

Chords: Em Gm Ce|--0---3---0--|B|--0---3---3--|G|--0---0---0--|D|--2---0---2--|A|--2---2---3--|E|--0---3---0--|
Intro (Piano)e|-0------2-3---------0----------0--------------2-3----|B|-0--------------3-3----------3-----------------------|G|-0--0----------------------0------------0------------|D|-2-----------0---------2------------3-----0----------|A|-2-----------2---------3------------2-------2--------|E|-0-----------3---------0------------0----------------|
e|-------------------------------------------|B|-----3-0-------0---3----3-------0-3-0------|G|--------0-----2--------0---0-2---------2---| D|---2---------0--------2--------------------|A|--2---------2--------3---------------------|E|-0---------3-------------------------------| (2x)
Em Gm And they say all I rap about is bitches and champagne, C You would too if every night you seen the same thing C Money wall to wall, young famous nigga, spend it all, when you die you can't take it with ya Em Bottle of Rose if I'm drinking with ya Gm Cause most niggas is broke their bank is injured C Then bitches gonna ride with who they think's a winner C And I'll be smiling in case they take a picture Em Gm Oh, I'm smoking weed drinking liquor make a hundred on a show spend it all on my niggas C When I go shopping I tell them pick one C Cause they was with me when nobody seen a vision Em Gm Always about my business don't play the cards I talked to the niggas who dealed them, uhh C Royal flush, now look up them niggas and baby girl you see us, yeah [Chorus] Em Gm I'm gonna spend it all why wait for another day C I'ma take all this money I own and blow it all away Em Gm Cause I can't take it when I'm gone, gone, gone, gone C No I can't take it when I'm gone, gone, gone (x2) [Verse 2] Hella hoes in my car, they wanna feel that maximum speed Never had an absence of weed Tired of being at the bar, everything Louie V, Plus the most exclusive treat in my jar Making my bank, spending it all and that expensive shit you paid for, she had it on She taking it off, most of these niggas just talk and taking it off Back in the day money was short, I'm making it taller you know what I mean, some say it's a problem Blowings my greens, not saving my collards No NBA, they say I'm a baller Live for today, it's not like my father [Chorus]
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