Wolf Parade – An Animal In Your Care tab

Song: An Animal In Your Care
Artist: Wolf Parade
Album: At Mount Zoomer, Sub-Pop, 2008
All chords are barred, unless tabbed out (well, the E/Em's are open)

Time after time
You will forgive me
        G              B
Like an animal in your care
But give it time
You will outlive me
             G                      B
And take the bow back you put in my hair

       E                       G#m
Made a parade of myself in the street outside your house
        G                     B
For the New York photographer there
           E                    G#m
I fell for crime and I fell for beauty
           G                                    B
I fell for you because you're the only one that cared


And when I die
You can put on costumes
In the style of the clothes I wore
             C                G
And sing the songs your lover taught you 
                  Em                          E
When you were too young to know that this was what they were for.

[Over top of this la la la part a guitar comes in...]

C G#m Em La la la la. La la la la. lalala [x2... second time transition from Em to E]
------------------------------[For this part, a second guitar picks around the chords played by the main guitar, with a prominent picking of:e|---------|B|---------|G|--6-6-4--|D|---------|A|---------|E|---------|Right at "toasts you made"]
E Like some dead relative G#m G You will remember me most by my funeral B E And all the beautiful toasts you made G#m Take back the spade G B We've both been filling up our days like we were filling in a grave ---------------------------- [PIANO INTERLUDE] Guitar 1 kinda starts scratching along near the end of this interlude Then...
Guitar 1 Ende|--------------------3-3-2-2--|B|--------------------3-3-3-3--|G|--4-4-4-4--7-7-7-7--0-0-2-2--|D|--------------------0-0-0-0--| x6A|--2-2-2-2--5-5-5-5--2-2------|E|--------------------3-3------|
Guitar 2 Ende|--------------------------------|B|--/12---10---7-10-7-------------|G|--------------------7-7/9--7----| x9D|-----------------------------7--|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
It also sounds as if Guitar 2 slides down to 2 on the G at the end of the riff sometimes, instead of playing the A note on the D Guitar 3 plays overtop on the 4th time Guitar 1 plays There is some improvisation with the riff as Dan repeats it...
Guitar 3 Ende|----------------------------------------------x--2---2--|B|----10h12-10---7-10-7---10h12--10--7-10-7-----x--3---3--|G|----------------------7-------------------7---x--2---2--| x4D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
End backing riff (this is then followed by chords, which are marked with the lyrics):
[Riff] You let me hang, hang, hang around G D You put your ribbons in my hair [Riff] It's in this language that I found G D I am an animal in your care [Riff with Guitar 2 End] x1 G D G D Animal in your care [Riff with Guitar 2 End] x1 G D G D An animal in your care [Riff with Guitar 2 End] x1 G D G D Animal in your care G D G D It's in this language that I've found B I am an animal in your care ------------------------------------------------- Feel free to e-mail me with any corrections, suggestions, etc.
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