Wolftron - A Simple Sunshine tab

			     A Simple Sunshine - Wolftron

Tuning:Half step down

Hey guys, this is my first tab, feel free to correct it. I'll try to make time to make a 
for the strum pattern, but if you listen to the song its easy to figure out. Enjoy!

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| x  Mute note


e|--0-- --0-- --0----- --3-- --1p0h1- --0~-B|--1-- --3-- --1----- --0-- --3----- --1~-G|--0-- --3-- --2p0h2- --1-- --2----- --2~-D|--2-- --2-- --3----- --3-- --0----- --3~-A|--3-- --3-- --3----- --2-- --0----- --0~-E|--x-- --x-- --x----- --x-- --x----- --x-- Cmaj C9 Fmaj7* ??? Dm Fmaj7
Cmaj C9 Fmaj7* Moody sunday skies brought me back to the ground, ??? where I don't want to be found. Dm Fmaj7 No one down here understands... Cmaj C9 Fmaj7* Watch the evening sun run away from the match, ??? when my soul turns off its light. Dm Fmaj7~ Nothing here will shine through the dark. Chorus:
e|--0-- --0-- --0-- --x-- --x--|B|--1-- --0-- --1-- --5-- --8--|G|--0-- --1-- --2-- --5-- --8--|D|--2-- --0-- --2-- --4-- --7--|A|--3-- --2-- --0-- --5-- --8--|E|--x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --x--| Cmaj E7 Am D9 F9
Cmaj E7 Damn the cold cold moon, Am that moves the seas, that makes the waves, D9/ /F9 that made this scene for me to see and be moved. Dmaj E7 Am I'm not crazy, I'm just so ready too live this life D9/ /F9 far away from everyone who sees through hopeless eyes... [REPEAT VERSE AS INSTRUMENTAL] 2nd verse: Cmaj C9 Tell me something good, Fmaj7* oh I need to live and love each day, ??? like there's nothing in my way... Dm Fmaj7 But this light of mine can't save this place.. [REPEAT CHORUS] \D9 /F9~ Someday i'm waking up with sunshine in my eyes... End with Cmaj Ilovekenny! lol
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