Wolves In The Throne Room – Vastness And Sorrow tab

Wolves in the Throne Room-Vastness and Sorrow (Intro)

Here is the intro to Vastness and Sorrow from the album Two Hunters.
Three guitars in this part i belive. The first rhythm is most apparent, fuzzed, reverb,
i like some chorus. The second plays a tremolo picked lead, similar settings. Third
pretty clean by comparison, again tons of reverb and some chorus. I like a slight scoop 
bass cranked when i play this...

Standard Tuning.
4/4 time.

G1 and G2 (remember, tremolo picking)----------------------------------------------------------------|-16--15--13----16--15--------16--15--13----16--15--12-----------|-----------------------12---------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|-/6--\5--\3----/6--\5--------/6--\5--\3----/6--\5--\2-----------|-----------------------\3---------------------------------------|
after that there is so much fuzz, its gonna take a long time to do it, but it starts C5. this motif comes back into play later, just the G1 bit, tremolo picked... yep. This in general is pretty tough. feel free to pick up where i left off, im still new at this.
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