Wonders – That Thing You Do tab ver. 2


From: Mike Richards 

That Thing You Do!

from the motion picture of the same name

Written by A. Schlesinger

transcribed by Mike Richards (fmrtst1@smtp.geisinger.edu)


-Lyrics in parenthesis are background vocals.

-The riffs may not be exact but the're pretty close.

-All riffs (except the intro and solo) are at the end of the file.

-This is a more accurate version of this song than previous versions,
 however, I give credit their respective authors, becuase I got a few
 of the chords from them.  Sorry I can't give credit to a specific person
 or persons, but I no longer have the files.

-Spacing is in no way relative to timing.

-Most importantly: SEND FEEDBACK (good/bad/whatever)

Okay...here we go:


2 measures of drums and handclaps

guitar comes in on count 1 of measure 3:

--Verse I:-- [w/ verse riff x2] E A B you do that thing you E A B C#m do breaking my heart into F# F#m Am B a million pieces like you always do and [w/ verse riff x2] E A B you don't mean to be cruel E A B C#m you never even knew F# F#m D B about the heartache I've been going through --Chorus I:-- C#m F# well I try and try to forget you girl E E7 A Am but its just so hard to do E Am E B everytime you do that thing you do --Verse II:-- [w/ verse riff x2] E A B I know all the games you E A B C#m play and I'm gonna find a way F# F#m Am B way to let you know that you'll be mine some day 'cause [w/ verse riff x2] E A B we could be happy can't you E A B C#m see if you only let me be F# F#m D B the one to hold you and keep you here with me --Chorus II:-- C#m F# well I try and try to forget you girl E E7 A Am but its just so hard to do E Am E everytime you do that thing you do --Bridge:-- A I don't ask a lot girl (I don't ask a lot girl) C#m but I know one thing's for sure (know one thing's for sure) F# it's the love I haven't got girl B C B and I just can't take it anymore --Solo:-- w/ verse chords
--Outro:-- [w/ verse riff x2] E A B 'cause we could be happy can't you E A B C#m see if you only let me be F# F#m D B the one to hold you and keep you here with me C#m F# 'cause it hurts me so just to see you go E E7 A Am around with someone new and if E Am [outro riff 1] I know you you're doing that thing E Am [outro riff 2] Every day just doing that thing E B I can't take you doing that thing you do [outro riff 3] Let last chord ring... Riffs: Verse riff :
E A B-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------2--2--4-----------4--------6----------------------------0--0--3--4--------------5--5-----7--7-----------------------------
Outro riff 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11br--9----------------------------------------------------------------------9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Outro riff 2:----------------------------------------------------------------------9--10b(12)r--9----------------------------------------------------------------------9-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Outro riff 3: A Am Emaj7--------------------------4-------------------------------------------------1-----------------4----------------------------------------------------2--------------4----------------------------------------------2-----------------2--6-------------------------------------------0-----------------2-----7-------------------------------------------------------0--4--------4-----------------------------------------
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