Woodbox Gang – All Trouble Head chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

All Trouble Head


Eb Bb F BbI drink whiskey when I'm tired of being sober
Eb Bb C FI drink Drano when I'm tired of being hungover and getting older
Bb All the trouble is inside my head
F Eb BbMy best friends are dying but enemies are dead
VERSE 2 I got this lovely girl who plants roses in my garden Her lovely husband he plants landmines in my yard after dark VERSE 3 I spent all night learning how to dance When I got home next morning my poor puppy dog he peed his pants, three legged stance VERSE 4 I had so much to drink that I threw up in the sink Now my woman thinks that I need to see a shrink and that really stinks VERSE 5 I hear the best donuts you can get in prison Are the rubber kind that are big enough for sittin, I aint kiddin VERSE 6 Freedom's foes carry sorrows off to bed But heroes drown them all until they're dead, that's what I said
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