Woodbox Gang – Dot Com Machine chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood

Dot Com Machine

E5I turned on the old dot com machine
Found a chat room for horny young teens Found a little lover she was thirteen Love blooms on the dot com machine VERSE 2 I told her I was a handsome young boy Born and raised in Southern Illinois I make good grades I’m on the football team I poured my heart to the dot com machine VERSE 3 She was from Australia and likes porno flicks All her past boyfriends were arrogant pricks She was from the outback so calm and serene She poured her heart to the dot com machine VERSE 4 I told her I wanted to meet her somewhere I’d fly her out here or I’d fly out there She agreed to meet it was like a dream We poured our hearts to the dot com machine VERSE 5 I landed in Melbourne nervous and scared I wondered what she thought when she saw me there Fat and bald and far from sixteen A liar and pervert on the dot com machine VERSE 6 I walked around the airport till I felt stood up Then I saw a sign saying “SOUTHERN ILLINOIS STUD” There was my lover standing there Sucking a lollipop and twirling her hair VERSE 7 We laughed and we giggled like horny teens will Then she took me to a motel to give me my fill She went in the bathroom to fix her hair She told me not to go anywhere VERSE 8 I took off my belt and got my britches undone From the bathroom came cops and there guns They put me on the carpet and they put me in the cuffs They read me my rights and all of that stuff VERSE 9 They took me to jail and they took me to court My name was slandered in all the reports The thirteen year old I was aiming to pop A twenty five year old undercover cop
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