Woodbox Gang – Days Of Grunge chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

Days Of Grunge

EWe were you in the days of grunge when the music came from pain
A C B7 EWe smoked cigarettes at lunch and dressed like Kurt Cobain
EManic depression was in style and so was heroin
A C B7 EMy friends and me we had apathy in the good old days of grunge
E G E G VERSE 2 Davy Brown was a drunken clown who reeked of peppermint schnapps After class he could be found perusing the pawn shops He amassed a wide array of bands on cassettes and LPs Eight track tapes worn out of shape fifty cents a piece CHORUS
A EYoung dumb and full of fun
C B7We starved ourselves and stayed out of the sun
A EOur heroes were on heroin
C B7 EIn the good old days of grunge
VERSE 3 Tim McCoy was a rich boy whose parents had split up Recently moved to Illinois with his mom in the country club He wore bright new tennis shoes but we didn't envy him at all Sure his guitars were better than ours but his flannels came from the mall VERSE 4 Tina Rash is pure white trash boyfriend's name was Sam He dropped out two years before and he drove a black Trans-Am His long hair half covered up a faded Anthrax shirt He kept it short in the front before mullet was even a word BRIDGE
C EStudents of drama smoked marijuana before putting the plays on
C DWe didn't do “Our Town” or “Oklahoma” instead “Tommy” and “Miss Saigon”
C GWe had a cool instructor we all wanted to fuck her but then she had to leave
C A B7She got caught smoking pot with us at a cast party
VERSE 5 Then I guess we got depressed in April of '94 Some heroes fall some heroes die some ain't heroes no more Now when I think about my friends I don't know whose dead or alive Cause I never saw no one at all since May of '95
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