Woodbox Gang – Drifters Ghost chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail
Drifter's Ghost

EmWho goes there?
G EmA young woman with Castanets
B7 EmDid you come to tempt my soul?
G D/F# EmOr to dance the dance of the dead
B7 EmThe dance of the dead
VERSE 2 With rosary beads in her hands Did you come to pray for my soul? Or to pour red wine on my head On my head VERSE 3 With a shovel and a spade Did you come to plant me flowers? Or to desecrate my grave Desecrate my grave VERSE 4 With a child in your hand Did you come to show my son? The criminal from which he came From which he came VERSE 5 With a crown around his head Did you come to take me home Or to verify my debt Verify my debt VERSE 6 With the contract that you hold Did you come to foreclose Or collect a tax upon my soul Tax upon my soul
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