Woodbox Gang – Drunk And Insane I Die Tonight chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

Drunk and Insane (I Die Tonight)

Dm       C        Dm

DmDrunk and insane I was driving in vain
C DmTo some nowhere that seemed to be near
DmAshamed of my past I stomped on the gas
F CAnd swallowed a swig of my beer
DmNo cars in sight on this black dreary night
F CI accepted my darkest of shames
DmTo end my existence on this path was fittest
C DmTo crash and to burn into flames
VERSE 2 Go into the mystic another statistic Impaired or asleep at the wheel For sure it was vital to mask suicidal The truth never to be revealed The tears of my family and all of their scrambling To hide such a delicate truth He dodged for a deer or just had to much beer Never meaning to snuff out his youth INSTRUMENTAL Bb F C G Bb F C A7 VERSE 3 I corrected a swerve as I rounded a curve Near a thicket of pines on the side Let go of control as the vehicle rolled On the gravel and into a slide A barbed wire fence had no good intents To help save this poor wretched life When I splintered that tree I had to believe I was still doing near sixty-five CHORUS
Bb I die tonight
FI die tonight
CI die tonight
GI die tonight
BbI die tonight
FI die tonight
CI die tonight
A7I die tonight
A7I die tonight
VERSE 4 The steering wheel pressed itself to my chest My head smacked hard at the glass The smell of the sap was well overlapped With the beer and the blood and the gas Awake for a second enough that I reckoned That this plan was incredibly flawed The pain was intense I was wholly convinced I was almost dead like it or not VERSE 5 And like it I didn't for if just that minute I'd have again to replace I'd make it all different and not be so ignorant To the grave consequences I faced But I faced them alone as the meat on my bones Poured out all the life they had left It filled up the ashtrays I slumped over sideways And gasped my last booze laden breath
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