Woodbox Gang – Sardine chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood


F#m D ASardine you’re all that I got
F#m D AAnd you’re not very much to look at
D AWell I see you sitting there with that glassy stare
F#m D ASo twisted and grimy and crooked
VERSE 2 Sardine I know you got backbone You ain’t afraid to show me Oh but I can’t find you’re heart when you fall apart Are you nothing but skinny and bony Chorus
D E AOh but you taste so much like a woman
D E ABut that just means that you are the real thing
D E A DIt’s as though you sleep where the passion runs deep
F#m D AAnd deeper is where the sweetest things cling
VERSE 3 You sleep so close like flies on paper With your sisters and your brothers And I look into your eyes like big blackberry pies And I chew you up just like all the others VERSE 4 And my breath will carry you all night And linger on until tomorrow Oh until I scrape you out of the cracks of my mouth And hope that you’re children will follow
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