Woodbox Gang - Oh Woman chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood

Oh Woman
E G#You’re a woman that’s what you say
A BI say you work in mysterious ways
F#m BI’m on my knees every other day
A EOh Woman
VERSE 2 I was born with shoes and a long sleeve shirt Straight into the barn where the hoof prints hurt But I was twelve years old before I said a dirty word Oh Woman VERSE 3 I drink my coffee straight from the tap No cream no sugar I take it black No bread no wine he can have it back Oh Woman VERSE 4 I was dreaming about the time I caught a nasty influenza My head was hot and melting causing mass hallucinations There were people on the ceiling screaming “Lead in wrong directions” Oh Woman VERSE 5 You’re a woman that’s what you say I say you work in mysterious ways I scream your name in vain they say Oh Woman VERSE 6 I was born with boots and a half hidden tail With a sprout of mistletoe peaking through the scales I was 21 before I spent the Sabbath in jail Oh Woman VERSE 7 I drink my Koolaid down like poison Raise my glass to all the other children With his blood we’ll meet our mothers in heaven Oh Woman VERSE 8 I was killing every brain cell with a cleaner for the kitchen In the hopes I’d be too blind to see the depth of my depression Somebody saved my life posed as a kitchen cleaner salesman Oh Woman VERSE 9 You’re a woman that’s what you say I say you work in mysterious ways One look at you and I’ve turned gray Oh Woman VERSE 10 I was born with cleats and a pocketknife I traded my cleats for a secondhand wife I traded true love for eternal life Oh Woman VERSE 11 I drink my whiskey straight from the source It blows my brain and it rips my voice But I’d drown in that river if I had the choice Oh Woman VERSE 12 I was killing every brain cell with a paper bag addiction The vapors of adhesion take away my dark condition I danced across the ceiling without shame or inhibition Oh Woman
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