Woodbox Gang - Im A Rolling Machine chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

I Roll My Own No. 2 (I'm a Rolling Machine)

C G C GI met a camel his name was Joe
C G Em C D GHe asked for a cigarette knowing full well that I roll my own
C G C GI said "I like drum but I can't get it no more"
C G Em C D GJoe said "You don't have to tell me about the politics I know the score"
C G C GJoe said "I used to be somebody then they took it away
C G Em C D GThey said I was a killer but I swear I was framed"
C G C GAnd Joe said "By the way how bout that smoke?
C G Em C DI've been sucking on everybody else's old butts and I'm ready to choke"
C G C GThe tobacco is low and the filters are gone
C G Em C D GAnd the papers are Wrigley's Spearmint wrappers straight from the floor
Em C DI don't need no one nobody needs me
G Em C DI'm a musician and I work for free
G Em C DI don't have a diploma I don't have a degree
G Em C DBut I got some Bugler and a rolling machine
VERSE 2 I tipped my hat to Joe and Joe tipped his ash And as he walked away I saw RJ branded right on his ass I hang out at the bus stops and the all night diners And the winding railroad tracks arguing with interior designers 'Cause that's what real men do that's where real men go Especially when real men are running low on tobacco VERSE 3 I drink malt liquor and I eat toasted cheese I float on the credit cards that introduce me to an introductory tease But I'm going out on the road 'cause the road is where you go The road's where you go when you need something that rhymes with freeload I don't have any reasons I'm running short on my rhymes But it doesn't matter the world is gonna end New Years Eve 1999
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