Woodbox Gang – God Box Wagon chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood

The God Box Wagon
Verse 1

AmA creep fell asleep underneath a great heap
COf punks and monks and their junk
AmThe bloke awoke to the joke of a kid
CNeeding kidneys and first rate smokes
AmThe surprise of the sunrise in his eyes
CReminds him of times he was better off blind
AmBefore he roared like a whore
CRiding shotgun on the god box wagon
Am CThe god box wagon ain’t going nowhere
C AmThe god box wagon ain’t going nowhere
AmIf you want to go nowhere better find another chauffeur
Am C AmThe god box wagon ain’t never goin’ there
VERSE 2 A clown was found where he drowned So bloated they noted he nearly exploded The hour was powered by flowers and cowards With souls full of holes and spirits corroded I watched the fitness of the mystery mistress Who cried all night with warm hugs and kisses Till her half sister kissed her and hitched her To the wheels of the god box wagon VERSE 3 His face was simple with dimples and pimples But he slept with his boots on the stove The story that morning said the rain was pouring And far into nowhere he drove Then nowhere stopped and he dropped his clock Standing there was an ox a wagon and a box So he grabbed the reins in the rain and proclaimed I’m the god of nowhere and I’m never going home CHORUS The god box wagon doesn’t care where your money is God box wagon doesn’t care who your daddy is All the god box wagon really wants to know Are you going somewhere where you wanna go?
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