Woodbox Gang - Gingerbread Man chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

Gingerbread Man

AmSometimes I think “I've gotta change or something's gonna give”
I hope I never have to pay for all the wrong I did
DThere are those who cut cherry trees and couldn't tell a lie
Am G AmI cut down a redwood and I blamed another guy
AmIn this town they want to see me dead
In this town they want to see me dead
DIn this town they want to see me dead
Am G AmBut they can't catch me because I'm gingerbread
VERSE 2 My hands are bloody but I never punched a clock I've been prying jewels from a dead man's watch My friends say I'm misunderstood But I know they'd run me down if they could BRIDGE
D“He's no good” I've heard it said
Am“Worthless useless poorly bred”
D G Amthat hits the nail right on the head
DI've shed blood on sacred ground
AmI heard that sheriff's coming around
D G AmOh lord, I'm sinking down
VERSE 3 Outlaws never live so long I think my time is near I regret all the pain I caused my mother dear But if I had a bullet for all the folks I'd wronged I'd shoot them in the belly and watch them suffer on
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