Woodbox Gang - Games Of Chance chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

Games of Chance

GA blind man cheats at cards
EmHe's no remorse and no regard
C D GI pull my pistol but still I cannot advance
GNo matter where I aim
Em The laws will hold me in the blame
C D GFor shooting from behind in a game of chance
D I leave him there this time
Em To keep my dollar and my dime
C D GInstead I guzzle all the booze I can finance
D I feel it in my gullet
EmWhiskey burning like a bullet
C D GIn the balls of cheaters in the games of chance
VERSE 2 Some sucker takes a chair His monkey stands back by the stairs And jingles coins inside the pockets of his pants The blind man's busy shuffling Sucker's pipe is busy puffing Monkey is staring anxious for the game of chance Sucker hisses "I'll be damned" As blind man rakes in the first hand The monkey's lost the will to keep a steady stance The blind man shuffles once The sucker sucks his pipe and grunts The church bell is clanging cursing at the game of chance VERSE 3 Blind man ante's up and sits The sucker sucks his husk and sits The sun is dying wrecking picnics and romance The monkey is walking up to me He's got chaw between his teeth He says "Church bells never ring for games of chance" The sucker throws his ante down The blind man deals another round I watched the sucker give his monkey friend a glance He's squirming like a slug Among the company of thugs Who pass the salt around at every given chance VERSE 4 Sucker folds with sweaty palms A storm is erupting from the calm The suckers tongue is talking as if in a trance With eyes like falling stars The blind man deals out five more cards The thunders rolling like the dice in games of chance The sucker looks in terror Grabs his pistol for the error All because he holds the same cards in his hands Two jacks and three of a kind "Another full house" says the blind "How lucky can you be in games of chance" VERSE 5 The blind man's awful laugh Provokes the sucker's awful wrath I watched the monkey and the sucker both advance And through that battle cloud I swear that I could hear the shouts Of two men hustled by the god of games of chance The smoke cleared with no sucker Monkey or blind man at poker And outside looked like a hurricane had danced What remained from the attack Was three sixes and two jacks The final hand in the final game of chance
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