Woodbox Gang – First Rate Smokes chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

First Rate Smokes

C DMy name is Seymour Green
GI'm an honest business man
C DI make First Rate Smokes
GFrom a warehouse in my van
C DI've had some troubles
GWith the EPA
C DI change my company name
GEvery other day
C DI hire out workers
GFrom Kentucky factories
C DWho spend their days working for
G R.J. Reynolds Industries
C DThey find me in the parking lot
GWhen the factory whistle blows
C DAnd we roll up all the tobacco
GThat gets stuck between their toes
C DTake off your shoes
GIt's time to go to work
CD GIt's 3am and we're setting up shop
C DTake off your socks
GStart scraping those nails
C DIf the ATF discovers us
GIt's GPCs from jail
VERSE 2 I'm in cahoots with some Canucks Just above the borderline They package all my products With cute logos and designs I distribute to truck stops And small town liquor stores They buy cases of cartons And call me up for more VERSE 3 Thrifty smokers don't mind Where their cigarettes are from All they really want Is smoke and tar in their lungs So if you ever buy a pack Of First Rate Smokes You know the tar won't kill you But the smell will make you choke
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