Woodbox Gang - Farmers Tanblack Sedan chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: I've Killed Men

Farmer's Tan/Black Sedan

D I know a fella who was a real sharp dresser
G Used a shotgun for a tongue depressor
A Chewed up tobacco wouldn't you know
DJuiced it up right and plugged up the hole
DWrap a half yard of ribbon around your leg
G And dance like your stepping on soft boiled eggs
A DOoh baby, stepping on em all night long
VERSE 2 Well he'd clap his hands and stomp out of time Did the jellybean rag drinking tater wine If the union scabs crossed the line Your brains would be boiling in turpentine VERSE 3 I know a fella was a mighty man With a Molotov cocktail and a farmer's tan Had a Tommy gun and a black sedan Well he up and shot the leader of the Ku Klux Klan VERSE 4 With the gamecocks sparring out in the barn And a pecked up following him through the yard Whiskey was illegal gave his money away And swinging from the gallows on his dying day
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