Woodbox Gang - Family Night chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood

Family Night

AWell it was family night up at the Johnson place
E AWhere they sit around the table and talk about their day
AIt’s said to be a common activity
E AAmong today’s tight knit families
AMr. Johnson turned to his eldest son
E ACurious to find out the work he’d done
AAnd he was proud to tell his old man
E AAbout his work as a salesman
ASon let me give you some fatherly advice
E AYou gotta be careful around that anhydrous
AWell you’re bound to make more than a brain surgeon
E ASelling crystal methamphetamines
E A Well it’s family night everybody get together
D AWe’re a family by god birds of a feather
E AIt’s family night we’ll make a joyful noise
D AMommies and daddies girls and boys
VERSE 2 Mr. Johnson turned to his only daughter She turned to her alleged father Daughter how’s the sixth grade treating you And tell me when is the baby due Daddy it’ll be coming out this fall I feed him good drugs and alcohol Little Johnny won’t take me for a wife ‘Cause he won’t drop out though I’m pro-life VERSE 3 Mr. Johnson turned to his other son Who wears black clothes and plays with guns He didn’t want to talk to his dad Till Mr. Johnson lit the last joint he had Dad all the kids make fun of me ‘Cause I ain’t lost my virginity Son let me tell you after dinner Take twenty dollars over to the senior center VERSE 4 Daddy where is mommy dearest Is she not here ‘cause she doesn’t love us No kids your momma’s out working hard Selling lap dances at a frat boy bar
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