Woodbox Gang – Vampire Suicide chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

Vampire Suicide
G EmMy father is a watching under me
G EmHe's been watching for eternity
G EmAnd I've done him proud but I'm moving on
G EmGonna take my chances in the morning sun
G And let it shine and shine
EmShine on me
GLet it shine and shine
EmShine on me
GI'll let the light shine
EmShine on me
G EmLet it shine and shine on me
VERSE 2 I climbed my deepest sadness I sank down in my darkest fear I swam through the abyss and I am standing right here I took a wandering path around that straight and narrow trail And I carved my initials in a tree with three nails VERSE 3 Well I showed my scars to a woman on the street Yeah I swallowed my pride when there was nothing else to eat I'll shake the hand of a stranger when the morning comes to greet Oh I'll stand in the dawn and let it be my defeat
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