Woodbox Gang – Togey Water chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

Togey Water

D When you're dying of thirst and the sun boils your brain
GOnly one thing is worse than a mouthful of sand
E When the cornbread's so dry it'll make you slap your mama
AWhen you wake up from a long night of PBR & blotter
D GSon, you'd better have a swig of Togey Water
ETogey Water is orange and pale
AJust like your sucking on a rusty nail
F#Noah built the arc and the flood hit the hollow
B7 EForty days and forty nights of Togey Water
VERSE 2 It's the cure for pain that creeps up inside us Chicken pox, consumption, and that mean old hepatitis Headache and fever, T.B. and tonsillitis You'll be peeling your potatoes with your arthritis Shingles and heartburn and encephilitis VERSE 3 I heard tell of a time when my grandpa was small Bottled and sold it as a cure all Down in Saratoga they got a little smarter Days seemed shorter and the summer's hotter One things the same bet your bottom dollar “There ain't nothing changed about old Togey Water”
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