Woodbox Gang - The Termite Song chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

The Termite Song
DmI been sharpening my forks and poking at your cat
C DmI've been tasting your love letters and throwing up in your hat
Bb C F DmI've been hiding in your walls and plotting with your mouse
Dm A DmI am hungry and I'm gonna eat your house
VERSE 2 I've been dancing with your shadow all over your bug light Singing in your sprinkler and building up an appetite Bridge
A Dm A DmSome houses are made of stone while some are made of brick
Bb F ABut when I'm through with yours you'd have thought it was built from used toothpicks
VERSE 3 I've seen rats in your kitchen roaches in your sink You ought to see your kitty crying every time I give a wink VERSE 4 Been making long distance crawls from your bed to your telephone Watching you undress when you think that you're alone VERSE 5 I've been sleeping with your daughter once you've tucked her in at night When you hear her sobbing I've been screaming "LET THE BED BUGS BITE"
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