Woodbox Gang – The Devils Train chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

The Devil's Train

C The devil's train is long and black
AmIt rides on rails of tears
CIt's headed for destruction now
G CWith a drunken engineer
VERSE 2 Oh, see the greatness of the crowd That wait beside the track They're leaving on that devil's train And never coming back CHORUS
C Oh lord please stop that devil's train
GBefore it is too late
C And teach them how to bow their heads
G CBefore they seal their fate
VERSE 3 The devil's train will take you too A land of groans and pain You'll spend your days in sorrow if You ride that devil's train VERSE 4 Oh listen to that whistle scream Like echoes from the gloom The throttles wide and spouting steam She's on her way to doom VERSE 5 The devil's train is long and black It's beautiful too see It offers you temptation but It brings you misery VERSE 6 So come and ride that glory train Where happiness is free It's on its way to heaven now To spend eternity
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