Wooden Wand - Wand Arise chords

Artist: Wooden Wand & The Omen Bones Band
Album: Horus Of The Horizon
Website: http://www.myspace.com/woodenwand

Standard Tuning

Wand Arise!

[Em]wand what are you doing with those bags under your eyesyour body wrapped in blankets and your hands doubled their size
[A]its not like you can ride the time that [Em]flies it ain't [A]life and it ain't books that make you [Em]wise its [D]love simply [A]love wand [Em]arise the pictures you have painted by the moonlight in your den all seem to bear resemblance to your dead and buried friends it was nice to see her smile at you again but there's no energy or money you can spend just love, simply love, love, love well there are lots of toxic people pumpin poison in your mind they'll tell a lie on credit when the truth costs just a dime and when you don't have the words they don't have the time well that's well enough for you my friend but i'm in love sweet love doing fine your crime's not in forgettin but rememberin all wrong you touch a million wonders then cheapin them in song but even still you're not without your charm so let those blues just trickle down your arm an spread love, love love wooden wand.
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