Woods Of Ypres - Shedding The Deadwood tab

      		Shedding the Deadwood - Woods of Ypres

Shedding the Deadwood by: Woods of Ypres
TUNING: C# Standard (Down a Step and a Half)
Tab by: Brodie Widdifield
Date: July 7th
Official Site of Woods of Ypres: http://www.woodsofypres.ca/

NOTE: Listen for the changing in Em/Esus2, it changes more then once each time. Also, 
the verses, the bass plays a D after each Em chord, transcending into the C, but the 
doesnt always.

C -  x32010
G -  320033
Em - 079987
Esus2 - 079977
D  xx0232
Am  x02210
D5  - x577xx
Csus2  x357xx
Dsus2  x579xx
C5  x355xx
C5/B  x255xx
C5/A  x055xx
Bm  x24432
A  x02220
E - 022100

C G Em/Esus2
C G Em/Esus2 D   x3

C                     G               Em/Esus2
Its no wonder Ive felt so tired
C 			       G	             Em/Esus2  D5
Ive witnessed the careless all running past me
C			G	     Em/Esus2
While Ive been told to ignore my desires
C	   	         G		Em/Esus2  D5
And grow numb with understanding

I walk through theses woods
I carry this deadwood
Am		 G	      D
I am determined to see this through
Am		     G
Driven only by the guilt and the shame of giving up
Am		  G		    D
I must complete what I set out to do - For you

C		     G                 Em/Esus2
It stayed on a shelf made of my arms
C				G      Em/Esus2   D5
They had grown strong from giving support
C			      G          Em/Esus2
I knew that my arms could hold out forever
C		G	  Em/Esus2
It was my mind thatd grow tired

Am 		  G
Its been so long since I have questioned
Am         G       D
What it is that I really want
Am		G
Instead I follow your directions
Am		     G
As you lead me on
          D		     C
I cant use it to build my home
Em    D                      C      D
It will not fulfill my desires
Em   D		      C                             D
Some wood can be used to help build a life
Em   D                C                         D    Em
This wood will be used for building a fire

Em D5 Csus2 Dsus2 Em

Esus2		Em
Why carry this deadwood with me
Esus2		Em
when were Im going there will be living trees

C		 B5 C      		   B5 A5 B5
Now close enough to carry it all to the end
C			  D5
But throwing it all to the ground instead

Solo: Em D C5 C5/B C5/A

This bundle of deadwood
The pieces they fall
             C5				      C5/B
Corners indent the soil and accumulate on one another
Tumble down and pile up

Em		     D
It awkwardly spills like myself at a time
Like the time it had killed
                C5/B                 C5/A
Like every moment after it was collected and held

Bm         D A      E
Id give up all that I started
Bm  D    A            E
To pursue all that I wanted
Bm     D     A       E
I may arrive empty handed
Bm    D              A        E
But at least I will arrive
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