Woody Guthrie – Do Re Mi tab

Do – Re – Mi
By Woody Guthrie

Capo 4th Fret - Key of EM

Intro E A B Ee|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------|G|-------2---2-0---2-0-----------0-------0h2---|B|-----3---3-----3-----3-0-0h2-2---0h3-3-----3-|E|-3-3-----------------------------------------|
E A B E B Ee|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|G|---------0h2-0h2-0---2-0-----------0-2-0---|B|-------3-----------3-----3-0-0h2-2-------3-|E|-0h3-3-------------------------------------|
Verse E A Be|---0-----0---0-----0---1-----1---1-----1---3-----3---3-----3-|A|---1-----1---1-----1---1-----1---1-----1---0-----0---0-----0-|D|---0-----0---0-----0---2-0h2-2---2-0h2-2---0-----0---0-----0-|G|---2-0h2-2---2-0h2-2-3-3-----3-3-3-----3---0-----0---0-----0-|B|-3-3-----3-3-3-----3-----------------------2-0h2-2---2-0h2-2-|E|-----------------------------------------3-3-----3-3-3-----3-| Lots ... leaving... Beatin'... etc...
E Lots of folks back east they say, A Is leaving home, every day, B Beatin’ the hot old dusty way E To the California line E Cross the desert sands they roll, A Gettin’ out of that ol’ dust bowl. B E They think they’re goin’ to a sugar bowl, but here’s what they find: Chorus: B Now the police at the port of entry say, * You’re number fourteen thousand for today. E Oh, if you ain’t got the do-re-mi, folks, B If you ain’t got the do-re-mi, Well, you better go back to beautiful Texas, E Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee. A California is a Garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see. E But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot B E If you ain’t got the do-re-mi If you want to buy a home or farm, That can't deal nobody harm, Or take your vacation By the mountains or sea Don’t swap your old cow for a car, You better stay right where you are, You better take this little tip from me. Chorus: * ‘Cause I look through the want ads every day, But the headlines on the papers always say If you ain't ...
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