Woody Guthrie – Bad Lee Brown Cocaine Blues tab

Tune down one 1/2 step...

Intro: hold bend hold |---| |---|eb||----5---5---5---5----5-----------------------------|bb||----5---5---5---5----5--4b5-5r4p2----4b5 5r4p2-----|Gb||----6---6---6---6----6-----------4------------4----| etc.Db||----7---7---7---7----7-----------------------------|Ab||----7-------7---7----7-----------------------------|Eb||--5-------5---5-----5------------------------------|
(Chord names reflect standard tuning) Fast strumming... A It was late last night I made my rounds; D A I met my woman and I blowed her down. D A I went on home and I went to bed. E A I laid my pistol up under my head. A Early next morning, by the rising sun, D A I woke up and a started to run. D A I made a run but I run too slow; E A A man overtook me down in Jericho. A I was standing on the corner reading my daddy's will D A 'Long came a man they call him Bad Texas Bill. D A He said, "Uhh, Captain, is your name Lee Brown? E A I believe that you the rascal blowed yer woman down." A I said, "Yes sir, Captain, my name is Lee. D A And if you got any blues, boy sing 'em to me." D A "Well I guess Lee, that you know the best E A You better come with me the judge will tell you the rest." (play intro licks on break) A When I was arrested, I was dressed in black. D A Put me on a train and they brung me back. D A Jury found me guilty in the first degree E A And they laid me down in the penitentiary. (intro licks again) A Yes the judge found me guilty an' the jury too. D A I cried "Lord in Heaven, have some mercy on me!" D A I'll be here fer the rest of my life, E A All I done was kill my wife.
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