Worth Dying For – All We tab

(verse 1)

Bm7     D          G
   I am at my very end
Bm7           D        G
   I've tried all that seems right 
Bm7         D                  G
   Im coming closer to the the beginning
Bm7       D           G
   To the start of a new life
Bm7         D                G
   With outstreched arms I'm broken
Bm7          D             
   Kneeled before You come change me 
Bm7          D               G
   This is a sound of desperation
Bm7           D      G
   Of humbled coming clean

(Pre Chorus)
We cry, allowd our freedom, song


Bm    G       A       Em
   All we want, is the love that was on the cross
Bm    G              A                Em  F#/A#
   All we need is his blood to cover us
Bm     A/C#     D         G
   All we desire, is for you to fill this place 
Bm    G            A           Em F#/A#      
   We shout it out,  were free

(verse 2)

Bm            D            G
   Repentance is our desire
Bm               D                G
   Come fill our hearts with your holy fire 
Bm            D              G
   This is a sound of desperation
Bm     D        G 
   The cry of Your creation 

(Repeat Pre Chorus and, Chorus then go to Bridge)

               Bm. D/F#, G, D, Dsus D (x2)
We shout it out
          Bm, D/F#, G, D, Dsus, D (x2)
We're Free 

(Bridge 2)

G  A       Bm 
 We shout aloud
G        A             Bm
 With the everlasting song
G    A             Bm
 We join with the angels and cry
G  A          Bm
 Holy is the Lord

the end hope you learn it 
God Bless
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