Worth Dying For – Savior chords

These are the first chords I've posted on here, please feel free to tell me if you think 
another chord sounds better. This is the version I came up with and the one I like.

I am certain that someone can come up with a better version, but hopefully this can be 
useful to someone.

This song is in the key of C# (or d flat, same thing.)
Since I mainly play acoustic, I used a capo to make it easier to play.

Capo 1

Intro and Bridge :
C G D/F# EmWe stand, We Rise, We give our lives
Em CWe stand up, We rise up
GTo give our lives up for this
Em C G D/F#This burden, this passion, to burn a lifetime for you
EmBurn for You
Em C G D/F# EmSavior, send Your presence to this dying world
C GWe need it to breath in
D/F# EmSo come and release Your fire again
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