Wovenhand – Cohawkin Road chords

Left handed
Woven Hand - Cohawkin Road

Standard Tuning

Note: I play the F, Gm, A# and C chords here a little differently than usual, to 
get the same sound and feel of the song.
They are optional, but if you ask me, it sounds better with them.

Like this:

F G A# CE|--x--x--x--x---|B|--1--3--6--8---|G|--x--0--0--0---|D|--3--5--8--10--|A|--3--5--8--10--|E|--1--3--6--8---|
Intro: Gm A# F
Gm A#Hidden inside him
FMusic in the dark
Gm A#This conquering kindness
CTo all in his quiver
GmBurdened hard
A# On the road
FBy law all are wounded
GmThat you may know
A# FYou may know one another
Gm F Gm DmE|--x---x-x-------x-x-----x---x-x---1-1-1---|B|--3---3-3-------3-3-----3---3-3---3-3-3---|G|--0---0-0----x--0-0-----0---0-0---2-2-2---|D|--5---5-5----3--5-5-----5---5-5---0-0-0---|A|--5---5-5----3--5-5-----5---5-5-----------|E|--3---3-3--0-1--3-3--0--3---3-3-----------|
Gm F GmE|--x---x-x-------x-x-----x-----------------|B|--3---3-3-------3-3-----3---3-3-----------|G|--0---0-0----x--0-0-----0---0-0-----------|D|--5---5-5----3--5-5-----5---5-5-----------|A|--5---5-5----3--5-5-----5-----------------|E<--3---3-3--0-1--3-3--0--3-----------------|
She looks for me in picture Oh my brother's keeper In picture worn smooth From hand to hand A quiet unlearning oh I had forgotten To control the tongue I do now remember
D C D#Do not all step to the end of dreams
D CDown piano wire
D CThey will leave the lips
D# GmOf everyone's desire
Bridge In the cold cold comfort Of winter on winter Swinging mood Swinging mood Quick round every turn Within your frame My sister They are endless three Yet in the mirror of the knife I see only me Do not all step to the end of dreams Down piano wire They will leave the lips Of everyone's desire
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