Wreckless Eric – A Popsong chords

A Popsong - Wreckless Eric

[A Bb B C](bass notes or chords)  Bb F    x4

[A Bb B CCC]* verse riff  x4

A Bb B C C C A Bb B C C C My record company phoned me today
* * They said we're running out of product, and we need something to play * * Just a two minute song; a snazzy middle eight
A Bb B C(stop)We'll get some AM-FM action in the United States
[A Bb B CCC] x4 * * Now the agency that handles all my affairs * * Said we're running out of time we ain't got any time to spare * * Better write a pop record with a money spinning hook
A Bb B C(stop) If the muse don't hit you you're off their books
F CWe want a pop song write a pop song
F F G FG FG FGWe need a pop song Oh, noooo
Ab Eb Hell's bells Buckets of blood
Bb F You got me reaching for my tranquelizers
Ab Eb Too late to start It's much too soon to stop
Bb D7 D CWhy don't you book another act to fill your 20 minute spot
* x6 * * I don't know why everybody is making all this fuss * * Why don't you switch the television on, I think I've had enough * * Back on ITV they're advertising dandruff
A Bb B C(stop) (fill - see below) And here comes the music to sell the stuff
F CIt's just a pop song Another pop song
F F G FG FGWell, it's a pop song Oh no, no, na, na, nooo
FIt's just a pop song - asphyxiates your mind
CIt's a pop song - the neolithic kind
FIt's just a pop song - you can hear every day
F G FG F GYou go hey, hey - its cheering up your day
FA pop song
CA monster pop song
FAnother pop song - got a lot of class
CIt's just a pop song - like Heart of Glass
FIt's just a pop song - your radio on
C fades....It's just a pop song - keeps you going while you're travelling on
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