Wrinkle Neck Mules – Chemical Dependence chords

Chemical Dependence

DSpiritual desperation and chemical dependence
G DIt’s been a long, long road
DRaster’s and vectors keep switching
G DI’m sitting here wishing this paper will burn
DToday was the first day I haven’t been thirsty
G D In two days and three months before
DLearning to speak it, but they can’t make me believe it
G DI’ve a use for these words
A DAnd I don’t like to go out on the weekend
G DThose Baptists got nothing on me
A DSend my regards to your boyfriend
G AYou know just where you can find me
Spiritual desperation and chemical dependence It’s been a long, long road One day I’ll be leaving, you better believe I’ll go running like hell through that door Because I can’t wait to go out on the weekend Those Baptists going to see me in church Say your goodbyes to your boyfriend Or he’s entering a new world of hurt
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