Wye Oak - Civilian chords

Capo on 4th 
Em* = fingers at the 2nd fret of the bottom two strings, with hammer ons to the bottom e string
if this doesn't sound right just use a normal Em chord.

hammer-ons are littered throughout the song, most are progressive to building the 
chord, so just flow on  with the chord progressions. 

Chord progression is Em* - Dsus2 - Am - C

I am nothing without pretend
I know my faults 
Can't live with them
I am nothing without a man
I know my thoughts
But I can't hide them

I still keep my baby teeth
In the bedside table with my jewelry
You still sleep in the bed with me,
My jewelry, and my baby teeth

Little break down bitE--0--0--0--0--|--0--0--0--0--|B--0--0--0--0--|--0--0--0--0--| Em G--9--9--9--9--|--7--7--7--7--| with Hammer-ons x 4D--------------|--------------| (listen for exact rhythm etc.) A--------------|--------------|E--------------|--------------|
I don't need another friend When most of them I can barely keep up with them Perfectly able to hold my own hand, But I still can't kiss my own neck I wanted yo give you everything But I still stand in awe of superficial things I wanted to love you like my mother's mother's mother did Civilian, civilian. (Solo to finish, basic Am scale progression with big distortion, just wing it! )
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