Wye Oak – Join chords


C AmHow does it begin again?
C AmHow does it amaze?
D CTrusted in abstraction
GAnd it has ruined me
C AmSeems I am afraid of it
C AmAn undesired effect
D CIt resembled weakness
GMistaken for a strength
D CIt did not come
GOr else it never left
C AmGently turn the frame around
C AmLet the water run
D CI keep the light on very late
GDon't bother anyone
C AmSomething passes over me
C AmCutting sharp and bright
D CCaught by my attention
GI lose the moment
D CNone or too much
GIt is the same result
[Interlude] G C Am C Am D C G [Verse]
C AmFall asleep in your bed
C AmSleep until I'm up
D CI just want a clear head
GSun on my shoulder
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